School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase 2017

The Group participated at the 9th Annual School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase.

Ram, who is supervised by A/Prof. Jon Sperry and Ivan, gave a talk at the ‘Selected PhD Presentations (15 minutes)’ session on his work on tuberculosis proteins.

Congratulations to Mike, who won the third prize of the General Poster Competition on his poster ‘NMR Toolkit for Fragment-based Inhibitor Screening’.

Oi Wei, Dona, Jinal, Naasson and Ryan (whose main supervisor is A/Prof. Sperry) gave two-minute talks in the ‘1st Year PhD Presentations’ session.

Danilo and Praveen (who is supervised by A/Prof. McGillivray, Prof. Brothers and Ivan) gave poster presentations.

Well done all!

Mike winning the third prize in the General Poster Competition
Dona giving her 2-minute presentation
Oi Wei giving her 2-minute presentation
Naasson giving his 2-minute presentation
Jinal giving her 2-minute presentation
Danilo and his poster