Dr Yu Li

Congratulations Yu Li for successfully passing her PhD oral examination – Yu is the first PhD graduate from the group!

Yu’s PhD was focussed on the studies of grape polyphenol oxidase, in which she completed a diverse set of projects from extracting the enzyme from grape juice to elucidating the substrate selectivity of the enzyme through mutagenesis. To date, Yu published three papers (including one first author paper) through the work that she did during her PhD. One more manuscript is currently under review.

Thank you very much Yu for your hard work on your project and for teaching other students in the lab. I would also like to thank you for your effort in helping with setting up and looking after the lab (especially when the group was in its infancy a couple of years ago in Grafton).

Congratulations and very best of luck for your future!

I would also like to thank Yu’s co-supervisor Professor Paul Kilmartin, as well as the examiners Drs Elena Harjes (Massey University) and Nevena Petkova (Sofia University), and Dr Viji Sarojini as the HoD nominee.