Dona’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Dona, who submitted her PhD Thesis for examination today. Dona spent 4.5 years in the group, initially as a BScH student and later on as a PhD. Dona is very enthusiastic about her science, and she did an excellent job investigating the ethylene-forming enzyme from both structural and mechanistic perspectives. Thank you very much Dona for your hard work, and also for all your help looking after the lab, and for guiding junior members of the laboratory.

We celebrated Dona’s submission virtually on Zoom today (thanks Nabangshu and Ryan for sorting out the e-card). Hopefully we can have a proper celebration later this year when the coronavirus crisis is all over. Finally, we wish you all the best in your upcoming postdoctoral adventure on the other side of the world.

A few papers from Dona will follow later this year so watch this space!