Dr Praveen George Vadakkedath – Congratulations

Congratulations to Dr Praveen George Vadakkedath for successfully defended his PhD Thesis today. Praveen was supervised by Associate Professor Duncan McGillivray, and co-supervised by Ivan & Professor Penny Brothers. Praveen worked on two main projects during his PhD – He studied the conformational change of an oxygen sensing enzyme called PHD2 using SAXS, and he also made and characterised some pH-responsive nanomaterials. In addition to his main projects, Praveen also contributed to the group by helping out with CD experiments and protein refolding. Praveen has published two papers with us so far – one review on PHD2, and he also co-authored a paper on protein production and characterisation. One more paper is currently under preparation and hopefully it will be ready for submission soon. Well done Praveen and many congratulations!