Dr Jinal Patel – Congratulations

Congratulations to Dr Jinal Patel for successfully defended her thesis in her PhD oral examination this morning.

Jinal performed well in her oral examination. The examiners were impressed by the numbers of compounds that she has tested, as well as the thorough analyses that she has conducted during her PhD. They were also happy with some of the ideas that she has tried to restore the activity of TDP1 mutant. Well done Jinal and the PhD was well deserved! Many congratulations!

Finally, I would like to thank Dr Jóhannes Reynisson and Associate Professor Chris Squire, co-supervisors of Jinal. I would also like to thank the examiners (Dr Cassandra Fleming and Associate Professor Ram Sagar), HoD nominee (Dr Rebecca Deed), independent chair and staff at the School of Graduate Studies for their help with the examination.

Jinal during her PhD oral examination
Group celebrations
Group celebrations