New Paper in Analytical Methods

Congratulations Nnabangshu and team for our new paper published in the RSC journal Analytical Methods. In this paper, Nabangshu developed and optimised a MALDI-TOF assay to study the enzyme PC-PLC. The new MALDI assay is superior existing enzyme-coupled assays that may suffer from false positives. This is Nabangshu’s first ‘first author’ paper – Very well … Read more

Faculty of Science InScight magazine

Our research are being featured in the December 2020 edition of the Faculty of Science InScight magazine! Check out how we at the Centre for Green Chemical Science are finding new ways to make the food that we eat more sustainable –

Ryan’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Ryan, who submitted his PhD Thesis last Thursday. Ryan did an amazing PhD project across three disciplines (organic synthesis, chemical biology and cell biology) and 3 groups (Main Supervisor: Associate Professor Sperry, Co-Supervisor: Professor Maurice Curtis at FMHS and Ivan) to search for bioactive compounds that modulate neuroplasticity, and to identify the cellular … Read more

Green Magic by Nabangshu

Well done Nabangshu (with the help of Eva, Ryan and Praveen) for making this amazing video titled “Green Magic” to showcase his work in tackling water pollution from fast fashion. This video has been submitted to the Royal Society Te Apārangi ECR Video Competition. You can watch the video by following the link here:

Dr Naasson Mbenza – Congratulations

Congratulations to Dr Naasson Mbenza who successfully defended his PhD thesis “Studies on the Modulation of the Enzymatic Activity of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor Hydroxylases” this afternoon. Naasson did very well in his oral examination. He gave a good presentation summarising his PhD work and highlighting important results. He also answered the examiners’ questions with confidence. The … Read more

Weijing’s PGDipSci submission

Congratulations to Weijing, who submitted her PGDipSci dissertation for examination this afternoon. Weijing tested the efficacy of a series of compounds against antibiotic-resistant bacteria during her PGDipSci. Her project was severely impacted by the coronavirus situation (including self-isolation and lockdown) so she did a good job gathering enough data and putting the thesis together. Well … Read more

ChemComm Back Cover – Congratulations Danilo and team

Congratulations to Danilo and team, whose paper “An investigation into the effect of ribosomal protein S15 phosphorylation on its intermolecular interactions by using phosphomimetic mutant” was featured at the outside back cover in the latest issue of ChemComm! Thanks Ryan Dixon and his dad Jeffrey Dixon (Digital impressions, Kolkata) for designing the back cover illustration … Read more

L H Briggs Prize – Dr Danilo Correddu

Congratulations to Dr Danilo Correddu for being awarded the 2019 L. H. Briggs Memorial Prize. The prize was awarded annually for the most distinguished researcher who has submitted a PhD thesis in Chemistry, Food Science or Forensic Science in the year of the award. The selection panel commented that “Danilo took on something very tough, … Read more

Naasson’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Naasson who has submitted his PhD thesis for examination today. Naasson’s PhD project was focused on the use of different chemical approaches to modulate the activity of HIF prolyl hydroxylase. Naasson is a very independent young scientist, and he has made some very interesting discoveries during his PhD. He has also started some … Read more

New Paper in ChemComm

Congratulations to Danilo for his first author paper that was published in ChemComm today. Thanks also to Nabangshu and Simran, who helped conduct additional experiments during revisions, and Naasson and Kyriakos (from Dr Viji Sarojini’s group), who helped with peptide purification and characterisation. The paper describes our work investigating the effect of S15 phosphorylation (by … Read more