Praveen’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Praveen, who submitted his Thesis last week for examination. Praveen worked in three different groups (A/Prof. Duncan McGillivray as main supervisor, and Professor Penny Brothers and Ivan as co-supervisors) and two different projects (SAXS to study protein conformational change, and dynamic nanomaterials) during his PhD. Praveen overcame many obstacles during his PhD and … Read more

New paper in Molecules

Congratulations to Jinal and Raina for co-authoring a new paper published in Molecules (impact factor: 3.060) – “New Hydrazinothiazole Derivatives of Usnic Acid as Potent Tdp1 Inhibitors” This work is led by collaborators (Professor Konstantin P. Volcho) from Novosibirsk, Russia, and in collaboration with Dr Jóhannes Reynisson & his group.

New paper in IUBMB Life

Congratulations to Danilo for his latest publication in IUBMB Life, which reports our work on studying the effect of consecutive rare codons in translation and recombinant protein production. This work was initiated from Danilo as part of his PhD studies. Thanks everyone who has contributed to this work, including José, Martin and Leo (University of … Read more

Farewell Lunch for Simran

We farewelled Simran, who will be going to Hong Kong Baptist University to start her PhD studies in September. Simran did very well in her MSc with us. She achieved an A grade for her thesis, and produced invaluable results understanding conformational change of the ethylene-forming enzyme upon ligand binding. Well done Simran, and keep … Read more

New paper in Applied Sciences

Congratulations to Jinal for her new paper on the development of new TDP1 inhibitors in Applied Sciences (2018 impact factor: 2.217). This work was led by former School of Chemical Sciences colleague Dr Jóhannes Reynisson (now at Keele University) in collaboration with colleagues at the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. You can read … Read more

New paper in Biochimie

Congratulations to Dr Yu Li for her new paper in Biochimie (impact factor: 3.362), which describes her work in the production and characterisation of recombinant grape polyphenol oxidase. Thanks also to everyone who has contributed to this project, including Mark, Martin, Stuart and Paul.

NZSBMB Conference 2019

Mike and Ivan attended the New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NZSBMB) Conference, which was held between the 2nd and 4th of July in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)’s Centre for Biodiscovery (CfB). Mike gave a poster presentation about his work on the development of new chemical agents that tackle polymyxin … Read more

New paper in Scientific Reports

Congratulations to Danilo and team for our new paper in Scientific Reports. In the paper, we describe an improved methodology for the production and purification of ribosomal proteins. Ribosomal proteins are very difficult to work with, but thanks to Danilo’s perseverance, we managed to develop a better method. I would also like to acknowledge the … Read more

UoA Summer Research Scholarships 2019-20

Applications for the 2019-20 University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarships is now open. The summer scholarship scheme is open to high-achieving domestic and international students. To be eligible for the scheme, you would have completed at least two years of your undergraduate degree and are either enrolled in an undergraduate degree at a New Zealand university at … Read more

11th SCS Annual Research Showcase

The Leung Group was well represented at yesterday’s 11th School of Chemical Sciences Annual Research Showcase. Well done everyone, and congratulations to our prize winners! Second Year Poster Competition First Prize: Nabangshu Sharma PhD Fifteen Minute Oral Presentations First Prize: Annabelle Collins (main supervisor: A/Prof. Jonathan Sperry) Third Prize: Dona Gunawardana Here is a list … Read more

Dr Richard Hopkinson

Today we host Dr Richard Hopkinson of the Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Leicester for a New Zealand Institute of Chemistry (Auckland branch) seminar. Dr Hopkinson talked about his work on the biosynthesis, metabolism and toxicity of formaldehyde. Ivan and Richard did their DPhil together … Read more