SCS Seminar – Via Zoom!

It was a privilege to give the weekly SCS seminar (and on Zoom for the first time) this morning. Many thanks to the amazing students of our Group – spending long hours in the lab collecting and analysing data. Thanks also to our collaborators and to our support staff. Finally, thanks to the audience for … Read more

Lorne Proteins 2020

Oi Wei is attending the 45th Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function, which is currently being held in Lorne, Australia. She also managed to catch up with one of our former members, Dr Ram Bhusal, at the conference. Hope you are enjoying the conference with good science and networking!


Ivan attended the 12th Australian and New Zealand Society for Magnetic Resonance conference (ANZMAG 2019), which was held in Bunker Bay in Western Australia. Ivan was part of the scientific committee and co-chaired the Drug Development session (with Dr Lorna Wilkinson-White of the University of Sydney). It was an excellent NMR conference that is organised … Read more

NZSBMB Conference 2019

Mike and Ivan attended the New Zealand Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NZSBMB) Conference, which was held between the 2nd and 4th of July in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)’s Centre for Biodiscovery (CfB). Mike gave a poster presentation about his work on the development of new chemical agents that tackle polymyxin … Read more

43rd FEBS Congress

Ivan attended the 43rd FEBS Congress, which was held in Prague between the 7th and 12th of July. The conference, which was themed ‘Biochemistry Forever’ was attended by around 2,000 delegates from across the world and there were many interesting talks and posters. It was also nice to catch up with colleagues and friends from … Read more

19th Tetrahedron Symposium

Dona and Danilo represented the Leung Group at the 19th Tetrahedron Symposium, which was held in Riva del Garda, Lake Garda, Italy. Dona and Danilo presented their PhD projects as poster presentations at the conference. Well done and we hope you have enjoyed the break!

Green Chemistry New Zealand 2017

Green Chemistry New Zealand 2017 (GCNZ17), New Zealand’s first Green Chemistry conference, was successfully held at the Science Centre, The University of Auckland on the 8th and 9th of December. GCNZ17 was organised by the Centre for Green Chemical Science with the support from the Vice Chancellor’s Strategic Development Fund. The conference organising committee was … Read more


Ivan attended the Australian and New Zealand Society for Magnetic Resonance (ANZMAG) 2017 Conference, which was held in Kingscliff, Australia between the 2nd and 6th of December. He gave a talk on the use of the waterLOGSY technique to determine protein-ligand binding constant, a work that was conducted by Mike and collaborators in the UK. … Read more

Queenstown Molecular Biology Proteins Satellite Meeting

Congratulations to Mike for winning one of the three student poster prizes at the Queenstown Research Week QMB Proteins Satellite Meeting, which was held between 7th and 8th of September, 2017. The work that was presented in Mike’s poster involved the application of virtual screening and biophysical techniques to discover new inhibitors of heat shock … Read more