Dr Oi Wei Mak – Congratulations!

Congratulations to Dr Oi Wei Mak for successfully defended her thesis in her PhD oral examination this afternoon. The oral examination was conducted online via Zoom due to the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the unusual and difficult circumstances, Oi Wei performed well in her oral examination. I think the examiners appreciated the diversity of Oi Wei’s … Read more

Dona’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Dona, who submitted her PhD Thesis for examination today. Dona spent 4.5 years in the group, initially as a BScH student and later on as a PhD. Dona is very enthusiastic about her science, and she did an excellent job investigating the ethylene-forming enzyme from both structural and mechanistic perspectives. Thank you very … Read more

Group Barbecue January 2020

The Group went to Cornwall Park today for a barbecue. This is also an opportunity to say goodbye to Oi Wei. Oi Wei joined us three years ago in January 2017 as a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship student. She was supervised by Dr Jóhannes Reynisson (formerly the University of Auckland) and Ivan. She worked on … Read more

Oi Wei’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Oi Wei, who submitted her PhD thesis for examination today. Oi Wei joined the group in January 2017 as a University of Auckland Doctoral Scholar. She did several projects that are related to different aspects of drug discovery during her PhD. Oi Wei has successfully developed and mastered a very wide range of … Read more

Simran’s MSc Graduation

Simran graduated with a First Class MSc degree in absentia at the University of Auckland Spring Graduation earlier in September. She just sent us this photo of herself with the certificate. Simran is currently pursuing her PhD degree at the laboratory of Dr Wei Shen Aik at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Well done and … Read more

Celebrations – Praveen and Mark

We went for lunch at the Auckland SkyCity today to celebrate with Praveen, who has recently handed in his PhD thesis, and Mark, who has handed in his BScH thesis yesterday. Well done both again!

Congratulations to Mark

Congratulations to Mark who has submitted his BScH Thesis today after a diet consisting mainly of coffee and Red Bull in the last few weeks. Mark joined us in February this year and he did an superb job during his BScH. He has already co-authored one publication, and he is currently writing a review. Hopefully … Read more

Praveen’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Praveen, who submitted his Thesis last week for examination. Praveen worked in three different groups (A/Prof. Duncan McGillivray as main supervisor, and Professor Penny Brothers and Ivan as co-supervisors) and two different projects (SAXS to study protein conformational change, and dynamic nanomaterials) during his PhD. Praveen overcame many obstacles during his PhD and … Read more

Dr Danilo Correddu – Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Dr Danilo Correddu for successfully defended his thesis in the oral examination this afternoon. Danilo performed well in his oral examination. He gave a clear presentation summarising his PhD work, and had some good discussions with the examiner and HoD nominee about his projects. I think the examiners appreciated the difficulty of Danilo’s … Read more

Farewell Lunch for Simran

We farewelled Simran, who will be going to Hong Kong Baptist University to start her PhD studies in September. Simran did very well in her MSc with us. She achieved an A grade for her thesis, and produced invaluable results understanding conformational change of the ethylene-forming enzyme upon ligand binding. Well done Simran, and keep … Read more

Danilo’s PhD Thesis Submission

Congratulations to Danilo, who submitted his Thesis for examination today (remotely from Italy). Danilo joined us in 2015. His PhD was funded by a doctoral scholarship by the School of Chemical Sciences as part of my startup at the University of Auckland. Danilo did well on a challenging project. He was also very good at … Read more

Dr Ram Bhusal’s degree ceremony

Congratulations to Dr Ram Bhusal, who flew back from Australia (where he is currently working as a postdoc at Monash University) to attend his graduation ceremony. Ram left our group to Australia a year ago and it is great to see Ram doing very well across the ditch. Keep in touch and hope to catch … Read more

Congratulations to Simran, and farewell to Danilo

Congratulations to Simran, who submitted her MSc thesis this week, and “pre-farewell” for Danilo, who will go home to complete his thesis and hopefully submit within the next few weeks. Simran did very well during her time here, and managed to obtain some good data to study the conformational change of a plant enzyme. Danilo … Read more

Farewell Misha and Esmée

We farewell Esmée & Misha today. Esmée & Misha joined the Leung Group five months ago from Avans Hogeschool (Avans University of Applied Sciences) as intern students. They did very well and successfully produced several new proteins during their time in Auckland. We hope that you have enjoyed your experience (work and travelling) in New … Read more

Farewell Dr Aimee Son

Today is Dr Aimee Son’s last day at the Leung Group. Thanks for your hard work in the last two years. Good luck for your next adventure at Harvard!

Group Outing January 2019

The Group went to Long Bay today for a barbecue. This is also an opportunity to say goodbye to Aimee. Aimee joined two years ago as an FRDF-funded postdoc to work with A/Prof. Chris Squire and Ivan. She worked on an ambitious (and very competitive) project to tackle antibiotic resistance. Aimee’s work has focussed on the … Read more

Dr Ram Bhusal

Congratulations to Ram for successfully passing his PhD oral examination with minor corrections! Ram’s PhD consisted of two parts. The first part was on the green chemical synthesis of nitrogen-containing heterocycles from itaconic acid as a renewable source. This was done with his main supervisor A/Prof. Jon Sperry. The second part of his PhD was … Read more

2018 Autumn Graduation – Dr Yu Li and Mike Huang

Congratulations to Dr Yu Li, who graduated with her PhD, and Mike Huang, who graduated with his MSc and PGDipSci degrees today! Yu is the first PhD graduate from the Leung Group and she contributed a lot in looking after the laboratory and mentoring junior students especially when the Group was in its infancy. Good … Read more

Farewell to Ram

We farewell Ram today, who will move to Melbourne to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at Monash University on the 18th of April. Ram is a very good scientist. He successfully transformed from being an organic chemist to a structural biologist / enzymologist during his PhD. Switching field in science is not easy and Ram … Read more

Ram’s PhD Thesis submission

Congratulations to Ram, who submitted his PhD Thesis for examination earlier today. Ram conducted structural and biochemical studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase during his PhD. Ram was very keen to learn new skills and techniques during his PhD. He was very productive and his PhD work has already led to three publications, and (hopefully) … Read more