Farewell to José

José joined us in November as a University of Auckland Summer Research Scholar. He worked with Danilo to produce ribosomal proteins. José is a very bright student. During his time in the lab, he was very keen to learn new skills and didn’t mind spending weekends doing experiments in the laboratory. We hope you enjoyed … Read more

Group Outing December 2017

The Group went to Long Bay for a barbecue to celebrate the end of the year. 2017 has been a successful year for the group. Congratulations to Mike, Nasri, Danilo, Yu, Ram, Brooke, Naasson and Praveen for their authorship and co-authorship in the Group’s publications in 2017. We also take this opportunity to wish happy … Read more

Dr Yu Li

Congratulations Yu Li for successfully passing her PhD oral examination – Yu is the first PhD graduate from the group! Yu’s PhD was focussed on the studies of grape polyphenol oxidase, in which she completed a diverse set of projects from extracting the enzyme from grape juice to elucidating the substrate selectivity of the enzyme … Read more

Nawal and Brooke’s graduation

Congratulations to Nawal and Brooke who graduated with their BScH degree today! Nawal flew back to Auckland from Malaysia so it was good to catch up. Good luck and well done!

Yu’s PhD thesis submission

Congratulations to Yu, who has submitted her PhD Thesis earlier today. Yu, who is co-supervised by Professor Paul Kilmartin and Ivan, conducted biochemical studies to characterise polyphenol oxidase from grapes. Yu was very hardworking during her PhD research, and she also looked after the laboratory, in particular when the group was in Grafton, in her … Read more

Farewell to Johanna and Jane

Jane Pernes and Johanna Viluma, both current students at the University of Bristol, have spent their July and August working on several research projects in our lab. Jane worked with Danilo on the expression and purification of human and bacterial ribosomal proteins, whilst Jane worked on NMR data analyses, including protein backbone assignment and distance … Read more

Brooke’s BScH thesis submission and new group members

Congratulations to Brooke for submitting her BScH thesis today. Brooke, who is supervised by Ivan and Dr Jon Sperry, successfully completed an ambitious project that included organic synthesis and the development of new biophysical tools to study protein-inhibitor interactions. She also contributed to a Review paper on targeting the Mycobacterium tuberculosis enzyme isocitrate lyase to treat tuberculosis. Well done … Read more

Mike’s MSc thesis submission

Congratulations to Mike for submitting his MSc thesis today. Mike did an excellent job during his MSc, in which he worked on four different projects. He also managed to publish two papers from the work that he did during his MSc research, which is not easy. You can read about his published work here and here. … Read more

Farewell lunch for Amy

Amy spent eight very successful weeks in our lab in January and February this year. She worked with Danilo on the expression and purification of two ribosomal proteins. Amy is a very talented summer student and a very hardworking member of the group. Well done Amy and all the best for your future studies! There … Read more

Nawal BScH submission

Congratulations to Nawal for submitting her BScH dissertation last Friday. It was not an easy year to do a BScH project as the second semester was disrupted by the laboratory move from Grafton to the City Campus. Nawal did a good job in mastering both protein production, peptide synthesis and conducting biochemical assays using MALDI … Read more

Farewell lunch to Dr Leiwen Xiang

After spending a year at the University of Auckland (hosted by Professor Laurie Melton and co-hosted by us) working on milk proteins, Dr Leiwen Xiang will be returning to his native China. We wish Leiwen all the best and hope he has enjoyed his time in New Zealand.

Welcome new members of the group

We had a Group Lunch today to celebrate Dona handing in her BScH thesis and also welcome our two latest members – Brooke Kwai who will be doing a BScH project together with Dr Jon Sperry, and Naasson Mbenza, who will be joining as a PhD student.

Dona’s BScH dissertation submission

Congratulations to Dona, who submitted her BScH dissertation this afternoon. Dona had a very successful year working on the structural and inhibition studies of a plant enzyme that is involved in ethylene biosynthesis. She managed to produce a dissertation of over 120 pages long with four ‘results chapters’, which is no mean feat for essentially … Read more

BSc(Hons) presentation May 2016

Well done Dona for delivering her BSc(Hons) presentation this afternoon on her work in the development of ethylene biosynthesis inhibitors. It was an entertaining afternoon of talks featuring eight BSc(Hons) students with projects ranging from geochemistry to inorganic chemistry, photochemistry to total synthesis.

Farewell lunch for Paris

Time flies and Paris will be returning to Wellington to continue with her studies on Wednesday. She spent eight very successful weeks in our lab, and she contributed to the expression and purification of two enzymes. Well done and good luck!  

Farewell lunch

We had a farewell lunch to celebrate Nasri and Mike completing and obtaining their BSc(Hons) and PGDipSci degrees respectively. Well done on your achievements! Mike will be coming back next year to continue as a Master’s student, and Nasri is contemplating returning to the Group for a Master’s degree as well. We also had a special … Read more

Mike and Nasri’s Theses submission

Congratulations to Mike and Nasri. Mike submitted his PGDipSci Thesis on the application of NMR to measure binding constants, and Nasri submitted his BSc(Hons) Thesis on the production, purification and characterisation of Hsp90. Well done guys.    

Farewell dinner to Thomas

Thomas will be returning to Germany this Friday. He had a productive time here at Auckland, and a manuscript about his work is currently under preparation. We hope you have enjoyed your time here in New Zealand, and let’s keep in touch.

BSc(Hons) presentation September 2015

Nasri delivered his BSc(Hons) presentation this morning on his work on Heat Shock Protein 90 (HSP90). We would like to congratulate Nasri for his effort and wish him good luck for his BSc(Hons) dissertation that is due in November.