New Paper in Frontiers of Chemistry

Congratulations Dr Nabangshu Sharma for his new paper in Frontiers of Chemistry (Impact factor: 5.221). This is Nabangshu’s second “first author” paper in as many months. The paper describes Nabangshu’s studies of a novel thermophilic laccase from Geobacillus yumthangensis, and its potential as a biocatalyst to degrade organic pollutants. This is an invited paper and … Read more

New paper in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Congratulations Dr Nabangshu Sharma for his new “first author” paper at the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Impact factor: 6.953). The paper describes Nabangshu’s work on the characterisation a novel laccase from Sulfitobacter indolifex, and its optimisation and application as a biocatalyst for the decolourisation of organic dyes. You can read the paper by following … Read more

New Paper in Oncology & Therapy

Check out our new paper on the validation of TDP1 as an inhibition target for the development of new cancer chemosensitizers in Oncology & Therapy today. Thanks especially to Dr Euphemia Leung (ACSRC), Jinal and Dr Jóhannes Reynisson (Keele University) for your hard work. Well done everyone!

New Paper in ChemBioChem

Congratulations Dr Naasson Mbenza for our new paper in ChemBioChem. In this paper, Naasson found out CO is an inhibitor of the human oxygen sensing enzyme PHD2 by using CORM-2 as a in situ CO donor. Thanks Naasson for your perseverance and hard work, and to our collaborators for your help and support! You can … Read more

New Paper in BMCL

Congratulations Dr Oi Wei Mak and Nabangshu Sharma for our new paper in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters! In this work, Oi Wei applied virtual screening to identify novel inhibitors that disrupt the binding interactions between Hsp90 C-terminal domain and its co-chaperones. This was confirmed experimentally by Oi Wei and Nabangshu. Thanks also to our … Read more

On the Cover of RSC Medicinal Chemistry

Congratulation to Brooke that her paper on the covalent inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase is being featured in the latest edition of the RSC Medicinal Chemistry! Read our paper: RSC Med. Chem., 2021,12, 57-61

New Paper in Analytical Methods

Congratulations Nnabangshu and team for our new paper published in the RSC journal Analytical Methods. In this paper, Nabangshu developed and optimised a MALDI-TOF assay to study the enzyme PC-PLC. The new MALDI assay is superior existing enzyme-coupled assays that may suffer from false positives. This is Nabangshu’s first ‘first author’ paper – Very well … Read more

New Paper in RSC Medicinal Chemistry

Congratulations Brooke and team for our new paper in RSC Medicinal Chemistry, which documents our work in elucidating the mode of inhibition of itaconate to isocitrate lyase. Thanks to the contribution from Annabelle and Martin. This is a successful collaboration with Dr Ghader Bashiri and Associate Professor Jon Sperry. You can read the paper by … Read more

ChemComm Back Cover – Congratulations Danilo and team

Congratulations to Danilo and team, whose paper “An investigation into the effect of ribosomal protein S15 phosphorylation on its intermolecular interactions by using phosphomimetic mutant” was featured at the outside back cover in the latest issue of ChemComm! Thanks Ryan Dixon and his dad Jeffrey Dixon (Digital impressions, Kolkata) for designing the back cover illustration … Read more

New Paper in ChemComm

Congratulations to Danilo for his first author paper that was published in ChemComm today. Thanks also to Nabangshu and Simran, who helped conduct additional experiments during revisions, and Naasson and Kyriakos (from Dr Viji Sarojini’s group), who helped with peptide purification and characterisation. The paper describes our work investigating the effect of S15 phosphorylation (by … Read more

New Review in Crit. Rev. Biochem. Mol. Biol.

Congratulations to Mark-Anthony McLarin – His new review article on PPO substrate specificity was published in the journal “Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology” today. Mark wrote a detailed review examining the various factors that govern whether PPO may accept monophenols and/or diphenols as substrates. The review was largely based on Mark’s introduction chapter … Read more

New Co-Authored Paper in Foods

Congratulations to Dr Yu Li for her new co-authored paper that was published in the journal Foods today (impact factor: 3.011). Dr Yu Li contributed to this work by performing NMR analyses to quantify active components in Manuka honey yogurts. This work was led by Anand Mohan and his supervisor Associate Professor Siew-Young Quek and … Read more

Issue Highlight in IUBMB Life

We are very excited that Danilo’s paper in IUBMB Life – “Effect of consecutive rare codons on the recombinant production of human proteins in Escherichia coli” – has been selected by the Editors to feature as a short highlight at the front of the latest issue. Danilo has also very recently started his postdoc in … Read more

New co-authored paper in IJMS

Thank you Professor Konstantin P. Volcho and his colleagues at the N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences for including us in this very productive project on TDP1. Congratulations to Jinal and Raina for their contributions towards this new co-authored paper in IJMS. Hopefully we will … Read more

New paper in Eur. J. Med. Chem.

Congratulations to Nabangshu. His co-authored paper on PC-PLC was published today in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (impact factor: 4.816). This work was led by Dr Jóhannes Reynisson of Keele University (and formerly at the University of Auckland), and in close collaboration with Associate Professor David Barker at the School of Chemical Sciences and … Read more

New paper in IJMS

Congratulations to Oi Wei for her new paper published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences (impact factor 4.183). This paper was part of the “Molecular Chaperones 2.0” edited by Professor Hideaki Itoh of Akita University in Japan. In this paper, Oi Wei reports her work in the discovery of new isoform-selective ligands of Hsp90 by … Read more

New paper in Molecules

Congratulations to Jinal and Raina for co-authoring a new paper published in Molecules (impact factor: 3.060) – “New Hydrazinothiazole Derivatives of Usnic Acid as Potent Tdp1 Inhibitors” This work is led by collaborators (Professor Konstantin P. Volcho) from Novosibirsk, Russia, and in collaboration with Dr Jóhannes Reynisson & his group.

New paper in Nature Communications

Congratulations everyone for our new paper in Nature Communications, in which we describe our work investigating the structure and function of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase 2 (ICL2). Check out our structures 6EDW, 6EDZ and 6EE1. Thanks for the great effort and a lot of hard work from Ram, Wanting, Brooke, Jóhannes, Annabelle, Jon and Ghader. … Read more

New paper in IUBMB Life

Congratulations to Danilo for his latest publication in IUBMB Life, which reports our work on studying the effect of consecutive rare codons in translation and recombinant protein production. This work was initiated from Danilo as part of his PhD studies. Thanks everyone who has contributed to this work, including José, Martin and Leo (University of … Read more

New paper in Applied Sciences

Congratulations to Jinal for her new paper on the development of new TDP1 inhibitors in Applied Sciences (2018 impact factor: 2.217). This work was led by former School of Chemical Sciences colleague Dr Jóhannes Reynisson (now at Keele University) in collaboration with colleagues at the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. You can read … Read more