11th SCS Annual Research Showcase

The Leung Group was well represented at yesterday’s 11th School of Chemical Sciences Annual Research Showcase. Well done everyone, and congratulations to our prize winners! Second Year Poster Competition First Prize: Nabangshu Sharma PhD Fifteen Minute Oral Presentations First Prize: Annabelle Collins (main supervisor: A/Prof. Jonathan Sperry) Third Prize: Dona Gunawardana Here is a list … Read more

School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase 2017

The Group participated at the 9th Annual School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase. Ram, who is supervised by A/Prof. Jon Sperry and Ivan, gave a talk at the ‘Selected PhD Presentations (15 minutes)’ session on his work on tuberculosis proteins. Congratulations to Mike, who won the third prize of the General Poster Competition on his … Read more

2nd Green Chemistry Symposium Poster Prize

Ram Bhusal, a PhD student who is supervised by Dr Jon Sperry and co-supervised by Ivan, has shared a poster prize at the 2nd Green Chemistry Symposium that was held at the University of Auckland Conference Centre. Ram presented his work, which was conducted in the lab of Dr Sperry during the 1st year of … Read more

Research showcase 2016

We attended the 8th Annual School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase at the University of Auckland Business School on Wednesday 8th June. Danilo and Praveen each gave a 2-minute presentation about their research in their first year, Yu gave a poster presentation on her work on polyphenol oxidase, and Mike gave a presentation on his … Read more

Research showcase 2015

Yu (co-supervised with Professor Paul Kilmartin) delivered a poster presentation titled ‘NMR and Spectroscopic Studies on The Effects of Antioxidants in Polyphenol Oxidation in Wines’ during the School of Chemical Sciences Research Showcase 2015 and Centenary Celebration at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Well done Yu!