Leung research group

Current members at the University of Auckland

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

▪ Renjie Huang

Mike came from Shanghai, China. He joined the Group in 2015 as a PGDipSci student, in which he worked on the use of waterLOGSY to measure dissociation constants. Mike completed a MSc with us in 2017, in which he applied different biophysical techniques, including NMR spectroscopy and thermal shift assays, to discover new enzyme inhibitors. Mike is now a PhD student studying an enzyme that is involved in antibiotic resistance. His hobbies are travelling, photography, tennis, playing bass, cooking, skiing, swimming and watching movie.

▪ Brooke Kwai

Brooke completed her BScH with Ivan and Dr Jonathan Sperry in 2017. Her current project involves the synthesis and characterisation of novel enzyme inhibitors that target the latent form of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


▪ Vicky Juan

Vicky completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry at the University of Auckland. During her Honours year, she worked on the organic synthesis of β-tryptophan natural products by C(sp3)-H arylation reaction. Vicky joined our research group in August 2018 as a PhD student. Her current project involves the biochemical characterisation of mycobacterial oxygenases.



Past members

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

▪ Dr Aimee Son, 2019

Doctor of Philosophy – PhD

▪ Eva Antony, submitted
▪ Dr Nabangshu Sharma, 2021
▪ Dr Ryan Dixon, 2021 (co-supervisor)
▪ Dr Naasson Mbambi Mbenza, 2020
▪ Dr Jinal Patel, 2020
▪ Dr Dona Gunawardana, 2020
▪ Dr Praveen George Vadakkedath, 2020 (co-supervisor)
▪ Dr Oi Wei Mak, 2020
▪ Dr Danilo Correddu, 2019
▪ Dr Ram Bhusal, 2018 (co-supervisor)
▪ Dr Yu Li, 2017

Master of Science – MSc

▪ Simran Kaur, 2019
▪ Renjie Mike Huang, 2017

Bachelor of Science (Honours) – BScH

▪ Mark-Anthony McLarin, 2019
▪ Brooke Kwai, 2017
▪ Nawal Nasarudin, 2016
▪ Dona Gunawardana, 2016
▪ M. Nasri Muhammad Rosdi, 2015

Postgraduate Diploma in Science – PGDipSci

▪ Weijing Sun, 2020
▪ Renjie Mike Huang, 2015

Summer Research Scholar

▪ Daniel Bousfield, 2020
▪ José de Jesús Montaño López, 2018
▪ Jane Pernes, 2017
▪ Johanna Viluma, 2017
▪ Amy Lai, 2017
▪ Paris Watson, 2016

Visiting/Intern Student

▪ Cathy Yin, 2020
▪ Misha van Merrienboer, 2019
▪ Esmée Van Tol, 2019
▪ Ravi Tej Allam, 2017
▪ Thomas Hanauer, 2015