New Paper in Frontiers of Chemistry

Congratulations Dr Nabangshu Sharma for his new paper in Frontiers of Chemistry (Impact factor: 5.221). This is Nabangshu’s second “first author” paper in as many months. The paper describes Nabangshu’s studies of a novel thermophilic laccase from Geobacillus yumthangensis, and its potential as a biocatalyst to degrade organic pollutants. This is an invited paper and … Read more

New paper in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Congratulations Dr Nabangshu Sharma for his new “first author” paper at the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Impact factor: 6.953). The paper describes Nabangshu’s work on the characterisation a novel laccase from Sulfitobacter indolifex, and its optimisation and application as a biocatalyst for the decolourisation of organic dyes. You can read the paper by following … Read more

Dr Nabangshu Sharma

Big congratulations to Nabangshu for successfully passing his PhD oral examination today. Nabangshu performed very well during the oral. He gave a very clear presentation about his findings, actively engaged in discussions with his examiner, and showed excellent knowledge about his work. Getting a PhD is a well deserved achievement for Nabangshu, who led multiple … Read more

New Paper in ChemBioChem

Congratulations Dr Naasson Mbenza for our new paper in ChemBioChem. In this paper, Naasson found out CO is an inhibitor of the human oxygen sensing enzyme PHD2 by using CORM-2 as a in situ CO donor. Thanks Naasson for your perseverance and hard work, and to our collaborators for your help and support! You can … Read more

Setting Up New Laboratory at Bio21

Very excited that the first major delivery for the new laboratory has arrived today (centrifuges, pipettes & thermomixer in case you are curious) just in time before the imminent lockdown in Victoria. Looking forward to more deliveries and to finally start doing some experiments here at the Bio21 Institute. Thanks Vito (new MSc student) for … Read more

Dr Ryan Dixon

Congratulations Dr Ryan Dixon for successfully passing his PhD oral examination today! Ryan accomplished an amazing multidisciplinary PhD (with A/Prof. Sperry, Prof. Curtis and Ivan) that involved organic chemistry, chemical biology and cell biology to identify compounds and cellular targets that relates to neuroplasticity. He is now postdoc with Maurice at the FMHS! Well done … Read more

New Paper in BMCL

Congratulations Dr Oi Wei Mak and Nabangshu Sharma for our new paper in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters! In this work, Oi Wei applied virtual screening to identify novel inhibitors that disrupt the binding interactions between Hsp90 C-terminal domain and its co-chaperones. This was confirmed experimentally by Oi Wei and Nabangshu. Thanks also to our … Read more

New Paper in Analytical Methods

Congratulations Nnabangshu and team for our new paper published in the RSC journal Analytical Methods. In this paper, Nabangshu developed and optimised a MALDI-TOF assay to study the enzyme PC-PLC. The new MALDI assay is superior existing enzyme-coupled assays that may suffer from false positives. This is Nabangshu’s first ‘first author’ paper – Very well … Read more